Day & Meyer offers a range of storage solutions whether your needs are for long or short term storage. With climate control, strict inventory and access regulation, fireproof storage, and a sophisticated security system, your property is always protected. For the ultimate in security, read about Day & Meyer's exclusive Portovault storage system.

Storage options:

With a full-service storage account, Day & Meyer will handle your property from the time it arrives at our warehouse until it leaves. We will receive property on your behalf at our loading dock. Our warehouse-men will then inspect the conditions of your property and create an inventory number and listing for the item and add it to your personal inventory list. Our expert packers will pack the item appropriately to be stored in the warehouse and stow the item in your storage area. After this process is completed, you will receive a warehouse receipt in the mail with your new property listing. When you need an item removed for pick up or delivery, we will retrieve the item from your storage area and release or deliver the property according to your instructions.

A landlord-tenant storage account allows you to handle your own property within our warehouse. You may come and go as you please during our regular business hours using our sign-in and out method. Should you require assistance with handling your property, you may hire Day & Meyer warehouse-men at an hourly rate.

Our painting vault offers rack storage for paintings and other types of artwork. Whether you have one piece of artwork or a collection, this storage area is ideal for easy access and viewings.

Our private rooms are available to store artwork, furniture or other household goods that must be kept in a climate controlled environment. These rooms are available for full-service storage or landlord-tenant storage.

Portovaults are private steel vaults, measuring 7'x7'x11', that can hold up to 500 cubic feet of property. They are available for full-service storage or landlord-tenant storage.

Our cedar-lined vault is ideal for rugs and tapestries. This area was designed to safely store and protect delicate fabrics.

Volt Storage